Juicing and Crohn’s Disease Day 1

I decided to start this blog to take you on my journey with Crohn’s disease and how juicing will hopefully help it.  Understand, that as you read this I am at the very beginning of trying juicing as a way for me to hopefully get back to normal.

Please understand that as Crohn’s Disease goes, I think that I have a mild form of it. But with that said, it has become somewhat debilitating as far as my energy levels and general attitude go. At this time, I do not think that I am in any immediate danger of having a bile resection. My doctor has me on prescription of Mercaptopurine (1 and 1/2 pills a day). The way he explained it to me was that the drug can be compared to high blood pressure medication, in that you need to take it every day so I never need an intestinal resection. He explained that much like high blood pressure medication, patients need to continue on the drug even though they might not be experiencing symptoms. He said much like a high blood pressure patient “stroking” after not taking medication, a Crohn’s patient will need a bile resection from not taking the required medications.My Crohn’s symptoms started a about two years ago when I noticed a lump or hardness in my lower left abdomen. After a battery of tests, cat scans, and a colonoscopy, and a visit to two different GI doctors it was determined that I had Crohn’s disease. I might be in denial but I’m still not convinced that they got it right. The soreness, or numbness in my abdomen is constant and seems to move around. It is like a minor cramp in the area that is bothering me. I do not have chronic diarreah or some of the problems related to the disease. My main problem is the lack of energy and general feeling of not “feeling well”. I have not been able to associate any foods that effect my disease one way or another. Through out all of the interaction with my doctors there has been little to no mention of diet. This started me on my own journey and I somewhat stumbled on to juicing as a way for me to possibly start feeling better. A chiropractor friendship posted a video on his Facebook page called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. The main character Joe Cross had a debilitating auto immune disease (sound familiar) that effected his skin. He spent 60 days on a juice fast that allowed him to get his weight under control as well as eliminate his medical condition. He gets into a lot of the nutritional aspects of juicing but what really perked my interest was the ability of the body to absorb the nutrition from the fresh juice. It became very apparent that juicing would be advantageous to Crohn’s based on the bodies inability to absorb many of the required nutrients because of the thickening of the intestine walls from Crohn’s disease.

With all this said, I decided that I would give it a try. I spent about a week trying to choose a juicer that is right for me. I originally looked at the juicer he was using in the movie. Although I knew he was using a Breville Juicer I wasn’t sure what model. I did a lot of research and decided on the following model:


The reason I chose this juicer is because of these attributes:

  1. It was not too terribly expensive or inexpensive for that matter.
  2. In my estimation, the manufacturer seemed like it was one of the highest rated
  3. Most of the juicing articles or blogs I read talked about Breville.
  4. It seemed like it would be easy to clean.

The juicer arrived from Amazon yesterday and I quickly unpacked it. My 11 year old daughter immediately showed an interest in it. We first juiced two apples that only gave us about 4-5 oz of juice. It tasted great! We then decided to juice two oranges. We pealed them first because I read they are better that way. We still only got a few oz of juice but it tasted great. I quickly realized that I needed to get a bunch of fruit and vegetables to makes this work.

Today I need to make some decisions:

  1. Should I buy organic vegetables and fruits or just go to Sam’s club and and buy stuff cheap!If I decide on organics I need to travel about three times as far and be willing to spend a bunch more money. This might make this journey short lived. But if I go organic I get the full health benefits.
  2. Should I try a juice fast and if so for how long.? This might also be a deal killer for me. I think if I try to eat a little better and add 16 to 24 oz of good juicing to my diet it might be better. Still not sure though
  3. What should I buy at the store when I finally get there? Need to look up some recipes that make sense and taste half way decent.

I want to keep you informed through my journey and also want to post some video once I get around to it.

Stay tuned!

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